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Scotland’s natural diversity stems from a land mass of thousands of kilometres of coastline and inhabited islands.

Land quality – defined by its ability to sustain and fulfil a variety of uses – is vital to health and wellbeing.

Through its ability to filter and retain nutrients, land helps to protect air and water quality, support habitats and enhance biodiversity. Healthy, well-managed land also plays an important part in flood risk management.  

In addition to our regulatory responsibilities, we work to ensure that Scotland’s land remains in good order.

Land is subject to a range of pressures: understanding and managing our soil resource will make sure that we can protect and maintain this fundamental part of our economy, environment and heritage for existing and future generations. Agriculture, forestry and the planning system also contribute changes to land which much be managed and monitored.

Ensuring our land is kept in a good state is crucial in maintaining the sustainability of the environment as a whole.