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Education & engagement

Climate change is likely to increase the risk of flooding in the future. The impacts of flooding can affect everyone, our role is to help Scotland prepare for the increased risk of flooding by raising awareness through education and engagement.

Education work

We develop and maintain our flooding awareness activities through the Curriculum for Excellence, working in partnership to extend the reach of our materials and messages.

Some examples of the types of education activities include:


Our team of Flood Advisors can help you to develop projects that can educate young people about flood risk in Scotland and how to be prepared.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.

Safety events

SEPA participates in multi-agency safety events, such as Safe Taysiders and Safe Highlanders, to provide key safety information to Primary pupils across the country. 

At these events, our aim is to:

  • Raise awareness of the dangers of flood water;
  • Promote flood safety, including our Floodline public safety messages;
  • Increase flood preparedness.

If you have an upcoming multi-agency, education event that would benefit from a SEPA flood safety session, please get in touch.


You may also find our flooding animations a useful way to communicate how to prepare for flooding.

Engagement work

SEPA is committed to increasing community resilience to flooding and often does this through partnerships with key organisations who have access to local knowledge and community contacts.

Scottish Flood Forum

SEPA supports Scottish Flood Forum to share information and advice to flood risk communities and to support the development of local flood action groups. Visit for a selection of useful resources on how to prepare for or cope with the impacts of flooding.

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland

SEPA has been working with Neighbourhood Watch Scotland (NWS) for a number of years supporting their joined up approach to community safety. They have been investing time in communities that lie within SEPA's priority flood areas in order to increase registration for Floodline, raise awareness of flood risk and to increase community resilience in the event of flooding.

NWS also offer a free alerting service for members of the public to receive messages about a number of community safety issues such as local crime, flooding and doorstep scams. Visit to register.