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Floodline provides live flooding information and advice on how to prepare for or cope with the impacts of flooding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sign up and get notified when the area you live, work or travel through is at risk of flooding.

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Flood Messages

Our flood warning service provides three types of messages that can help you prepare for flooding and take action. Find out what they mean and what you need to do when they are issued.

When you sign up, we will check your postcode to see what type of message(s) you can receive in your area.

Message Issued What it means

Flood Alert

Flood Alert

Flooding is possible. Be prepared.

Flood Alerts are issued for regional areas.

When is it used?
Between two hours and two days in advance of forecast flooding.

What to do

  • Be prepared to act on your flood plan
  • Prepare a flood kit of essential items

Flood Warning

Flood Warning

Flooding is expected. Immediate action required.

Flood Warnings are only issued in local community areas where we monitor river and coastal flooding.

When is it used?
Three to six hours in advance of forecast flooding.

What to do

  • Move your car, family, pets and valuables to a safe place
  • Put flood protection equipment in place

Severe Flood Warning

Severe -flood -warnings -icon

Severe flooding expected. Danger to life.

When is it used?
When flooding will pose a significant risk to life.

What to do

  • Stay safe
  • Prepare to evacuate and co-operate with the emergency services