Radioactive substances

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We are responsible for the regulation of all radioactive substances, helping to maintain and protect a safe and healthy environment.

From their use in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, to energy generation and nuclear weapons, radioactive substances are used widely in industry, medicine and research in Scotland. However, if they are not stored or used properly, they can potentially cause health problems.

We are responsible for regulating the keeping and use of radioactive materials and the accumulation and disposal of radioactive wastes.

Our State of Scotland's environment 2006 report showed a downward trend in levels of man-made radioactivity in the environment over the last decade and we aim to further minimise the impact of the disposal of radioactive wastes on human health and the environment.

This section of our site explains in more detail how we use legislation to regulate nuclear and non-nuclear sites.

You can report an incident involving radioactive material or radioactive waste by calling our 24 hour pollution hotline on 0800 80 70 60.