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How we regulate

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As Scotland’s principal environmental regulator, we regulate activities that could lead to pollution or environmental damage.

Compliance with environmental regulation is non-negotiable. This has not, and will not change. Everyday SEPA works to protect and enhance Scotland's environment, helping communities and businesses prosper within the ecological capacities of our planet. We call this One Planet Prosperity

Our One Planet Prosperity Regulatory Strategy does not alter any of the environmental regulations businesses must adhere to or how we enforce them but it does change our approach to regulation.

We firmly believe that working with businesses to go beyond compliance is the best way to deliver the ambitious goals of One Planet Prosperity; combining the things we do to influence the behaviour of a business.

Our responsibilities include regulating:

Integrated Authorisation Framework (IAF)

The framework aims to integrate, as far as possible, the authorisation, procedural and enforcement arrangements relating to water, waste management, radioactive substances and pollution prevention and control, and will enable us to work in a more integrated way focusing on the environmental risks that matter the most. It will be delivered through the Environmental Authorisation (Scotland) Regulations 2018. It will help us to bring all those that we regulate into compliance quickly, easily and cost effectively and also enable us to help as many businesses as possible to go beyond compliance.

Guidance and information

We also provide guidance, support and information for anyone considering environmental matters within their business:

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