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Policy no. Policy title Document
  Communicating penalties and undertakings  93kb
  SEPA policy statement on enforcement


31 Occupational health, safety and welfare 497kb
42 SEPA internal environmental policy 190kb
45 SEPA data protection policy  
21 Strategy for implementing actions under the UK biodiversity action plan 20kb
  Biodiversity position statement 93kb
  Fish farming  
17 Sea lice treatment chemicals for cage fish farms - provisional environmental quality standards for Azamethiphos 80kb
29 Calicide (Teflubenzuron) - Authorisation for use as an in-feed sea lice treatment in marine cage salmon farms. 140kb
40 Policy on regulation and expansion of caged fish farming of salmon in Scotland 110kb
  Land and waste  
9 Civic amenity sites 50kb
(Please note that some SEPA Policies are now delivered by the regulatory methods produced to implement the Controlled Activities Regulations 2011. These can be found here)
19 Groundwater protection policy for Scotland V3, November 2009 1.6mb
28 This policy is now incorporated within WAT-SG-11: Modelling coastal and transitional discharges 202kb

This policy is now incorporated within WAT-RM-40: Assessment of numeric discharge quality conditions (for CAR, UWWTD, IPC and PPC compliance)

55 Policy and supporting guidance on provision of waste water drainage in settlements (please see position statement PS-06-08) 90kb
61 Control of priority and dangerous substances and specific pollutants in the water environment 238kb
  Water resources/flooding  
41 Development at risk of flooding : Advice and consultation

We have developed a SEPA – Planning Authority Protocol to help us work more effectively with planning authorities on planning decisions affected by flood risk. The Protocol contains principles to be followed by SEPA and planning authorities regarding advice and consultation on flood risk issues. It has recently been updated to better reflect the requirements of the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009.
  SEPA interim position statement on planning and flooding 69kb
  Climate Change  
  SEPA interim position statement on planning, energy and climate change 42kb