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Protecting Scotland’s environment means rethinking our attitude towards waste and how we manage it.

Conserving and protecting the world’s natural resources is vital and effective waste management is an important step in reducing the amount of waste we produce.

In addition to our regulatory responsibilities, we work closely with Zero Waste Scotland on delivering the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Plan, which sets out the vision for a zero waste society.

This vision describes a Scotland where all waste is seen as a resource: waste is minimised, valuable resources are not disposed of in landfills and most waste is sorted, leaving only limited amounts to be treated. As more waste is prevented, less waste is sent to landfill, and more resources are reused, recycled and recovered.

A zero waste society will also support sustainable economic development, as new waste facilities mean new investment and job opportunities and as businesses become more resource efficient, costs are reduced and a competitive advantage is gained.

Our teams play an important role in delivering the Zero Waste plan by monitoring waste; collecting and processing data; and supporting and informing efforts to turn waste into a valuable resource.

This section of our website contains more details about how we aim to support the delivery of a zero waste society in Scotland.