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Protecting Scotland’s environment means rethinking our attitude towards waste and how we manage it.

Conserving and protecting the world’s natural resources is vital. For Scotland to become a resilient, resource efficient economy, we must cut waste production, keep materials circulating for as long as possible, prevent the harms from waste management and tackle waste crime.

SEPA’s Waste to Resources Framework sets out how we work to deliver these goals, in line with our Sector Planning approach and our regulatory responsibilities.

Our Materials to land framework describes SEPA’s approach to the application of secondary materials to land. It will help us to understand the needs of Scotland’s land managers, the materials available in the market and their uses, the environmental benefits and impacts of land application and inform the development of a modern, integrated regulatory framework.

We work closely with Zero Waste Scotlandand other partners to deliver the Scottish Government's Circular Economy Strategy for Scotland. This sets out the context of Scottish Government’s actions to work towards a more circular economy.

It builds on their Zero Waste Planand complements A Manufacturing Future for Scotland, describing a vision of Scotland where all waste is seen as a resource, goods are created with circularity in mind and things last longer, contributing to Scottish Government’s purpose of creating sustainable, inclusive growth.