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There are a number of roles we play in protecting and improving the quality of Scotland’s air.

We have a responsibility to regulate and monitor emissions from certain industrial activities that can cause air pollution. These regulatory activities are a major part of what we do.

In addition to our regulatory role, we:

  • provide policy and operational advice to government, industry and the public on pollution control and other environmental issues;
  • work with partners to understand and improve air quality;
  • provide information on emissions from regulated industries through the Scottish Pollutant Release Inventory (SPRI);
  • work towards Scottish, UK and EU objectives and targets set to address air pollution and contribute to measures to address global climate change and the long-range transport of pollutants;
  • operate the Airborne Hazards Emergency Response Service (AHERS) on behalf of the Scottish Government.

This section of our website explains in more detail how we work to protect and improve air quality.