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Non-nuclear industries

Non-nuclear industries

We regulate the management of radioactive substances, including those from the non-nuclear industry.  This page provides information on the regulation of the non-nuclear industry.

What is the non-nuclear industry?

Industries that use radioactive substances, but are not part of the nuclear industry, are collectively known as the non-nuclear industry.  The non-nuclear industry includes hospitals, universities and industries which use radioactive substances for a variety of purposes including:

  • diagnosing and treating medical conditions in both humans and animals;
  • measurement and control of industrial processes;
  • materials testing, including industrial radiography;
  • scientific and medical research and teaching.

It also includes industries that generate radioactive waste as a by-product of their activities, for example production of oil and gas, mining and processing of metals.

How is the non-nuclear industry regulated?

We regulate the management of radioactive substances under the Environmental Authorisations (Scotland) Regulations 2018 (EA(S)R). There are four types of authorisations under EA(S)R:

  • general binding rules (GBRs);
  • notification;
  • registration;
  • permit

We issue permits and registrations to the non-nuclear industry containing conditions under which radioactive substances can be managed. We inspect authorised persons to assess compliance against their authorisation. 

For more information on what activities require which type of authorisation please see the Authorisation guide.  To make an application please visit our application page.

The Scottish Non-Nuclear Industries Liaison Group (SNNILG)

We chair this group, which brings non-nuclear industries and other regulators together twice a year to raise any issues related to the regulation of radioactive substances, according to its terms of reference.

The group also consults with and informs non-nuclear industries on matters relating to the keeping, use and disposal of radioactive substances.

SNNILG representatives include:

The previous two meeting minutes are available 39th SNNILG minutes and 40th SNNILG minutes.

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