Flooding Topic Header

SEPA is Scotland’s national flood forecasting, flood warning and strategic flood risk management authority. This area of the website shares information on the wide range of flooding work that SEPA is responsible for and contributes to.

Flooding can affect us all. Public bodies are working closer than ever before to manage the risk and impacts of flooding but you have a part to play too. In this area of the website you can:

- Find out if your area is at risk of flooding by checking our Flood Maps.

- Sign up for advance notice of flooding and live flooding information.

- Find out about SEPA’s responsibilities for flooding and the role of other organisations involved in flood risk management.

- Learn more about how SEPA develops our flooding knowledge, including information on the National Flood Risk Assessment, Natural Flood Management and our flood hazard and flood risk maps.

- Read about the work of the Scottish Flood Forecasting Service, a partnership between SEPA and the Met Office, in our Annual Report 2017-2018

- Working in partnership with other organisations we have developed Scotland's first ever Flood Risk Management Strategies and Local Flood Risk Management Plans to focus action in the areas with the greatest risk of flooding and where the benefits of intervention can be realised

- To find out how you can be prepared for flooding visit our Floodline website which has advice and simple tools to help you take action and reduce the risk of flooding on you, your family, property or business.

How to report flooding

- Report-a-Flood is an online tool that enables members of the public to report flooding incidents not currently being monitored by SEPA. Reports made are not verified by SEPA, but can help alert people to localised, small-scale flooding of land and roads.