Guidance and advice notes

Position statements

Development plan guidance

Requirements and recommendations for development by topic area:

Development management guidance

Topic based guidance:

Guidance based on specific types of development:

Flood risk advice and guidance

General advice and guidance on flood risk

An overview of our advice, guidance and information on flood risk for planning authorities

Planning information note on flood risk for planning authorities

An overview of our position on development protected by flood protection schemes

Planning information note on development protected by a flood protection scheme

A framework to assist the assessment of the vulnerability of different types of land use to the impact of flooding

Land use vulnerability guidance

Assessment of potential application of the reservoir inundation maps for land use planning purposes position statement (developed by SEPA and agreed with the Flood Risk Land Use Planning Working Group and the Scottish Government)

Reservoir Inundation Maps – potential use for Land Use Planning

Development planning advice and guidance on flood risk

Guidance to planning authorities on how to undertake an SFRA and use the outputs to inform the development plan

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Guidance

An overview of our land use planning requirements and recommendations for development plans in relation to flood risk issues

Development planning guidance on flood risk

Provides more technical detail on how our development planning guidance is applied and the reasons for our position

Land use planning background paper on flood risk

Development management advice and guidance on flood risk

Establishes principles which SEPA and planning authorities should follow in providing advice and consulting on flood risk issues.

SEPA - Planning Authority protocol (Policy 41)

Outlines methodologies that may be appropriate for hydrological and hydraulic modelling and what information SEPA requires to be submitted as part of a Flood Risk Assessment.

Technical flood risk guidance for stakeholders

A checklist to help consultants ensure that all the necessary information is submitted to us.

Flood Risk Assessment checklist

Standing advice for planning authorities on certain categories of development affected by flood risk are found in Appendix 2 of this guidance

Standing advice on Development Management Consultations

An overview of our requirements and recommendations for planning applications that may impact on flood risk

Development management guidance on flood risk

Provides more technical detail on how our development management guidance is applied and the reasons for our position    

Land use planning background paper on flood risk

Zero Waste Plan advice and guidance

Guidance for local authorities:

Scotland's Zero Waste Plan describes a new package of complementary measures, including ambitious recycling targets and the use of a carbon metric to encourage recycling of materials which will result in the greatest benefit to the environment.

SEPA has published new guidance to local authorities on Zero Waste Plan recycling targets, landfill diversion and the Landfill Allowance Scheme. This guidance reflects the new targets and reporting conventions set out in Annex A to the Zero Waste Plan which were implemented from April 2011.

Data on waste management capacity:

Data collected and prepared by SEPA is reported by the Scottish Government in order to monitor regional waste management capacity. This helps local authorities identify shortfalls in capacity, which they can then seek to fill, in line with Scottish Planning Policy. The data we prepare is therefore key in assisting in the delivery of Scotland's Zero Waste Plan. We update the data annually, using the following calculation methodology

Guidance and advice for other key agencies

Working arrangements

Map based information

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