Radioactivity in Food and the Environment (RIFE) reports:

Title  Year
RIFE 22 2017
RIFE 22 preface - Gaelic translation 2017
RIFE Errata 2017
RIFE 22 appendix 2017
RIFE 21 2016
RIFE 21 appendix 2016
RIFE 20 2015
RIFE 20 appendix 2015
RIFE 19 2014
RIFE 19 appendix 2014
RIFE 18 2013
RIFE 18 appendix 2013
RIFE 17 2012
RIFE 17 appendix 2012
RIFE 16 2011
RIFE 16 appendix 2011
RIFE 15 2010
RIFE 15 appendix 2010
RIFE summary 2004-2008 2010

Previous RIFE reports are available on request.

Habit surveys:

Radiological habits survey Date
 Chapelcross  2015
 Rosyth  2015
 Dounreay  2013
 Hunterston  2012
 Dumfries and Galloway  2012
 Dalgety Bay  2012
 Torness  2011
 Faslane  2011
 Dunnet Bay  2009

Previous habit surveys are available on request.

Monitoring reports:

Summary of Scotland Fukushima monitoring
Transfer of radioactivity from seaweed to terrestrial foods and potential radiation exposures to members of the public
Sellafield particles: A strategy for assessment of the potential impact in the Solway
Alienated Land Former RAF Kinloss: Part IIA Inspection and Risk Assessment report 

Assessment tools:

The Radioactive Substances Act 1993 (RSA 93) provides the legal framework for controlling the generation and disposal of solid, liquid and gaseous radioactive waste in the UK so as to protect the public and the environment.

In Scotland, SEPA is required under direction from the Scottish Government to ensure that doses to the representative person does not exceed specified dose constraints, as part of the process of authorising such disposals or discharges.  SEPA is also required to ensure that the total additional dose from authorised practices does not exceed the dose limit which, in the case of releases to a sewer can involve multiple authorised practices to a single sewage treatment works.

The tool provided details an assessment methodology which may be used by SEPA to assess the impact of single or multiple releases to a single sewage treatment works.  It may also be used to estimate doses from different departments as part of a single site dose assessment.

This tool is provided openly for use by the non-nuclear user community to provide a common assessment framework to assist with the dose assessment requirements of application.  Whilst it is provided freely, there are a series of conditions on its use and an exclusion of liability.

Conditions on Use & Exclusion of Liability

  1. SEPA provides this tool freely and in good faith, it is created and checked for computer viruses prior to upload into the SEPA website or transmission through email. However, it is the responsibility of the User to check the tool for viruses and to ensure the safe use on the user operating system.
  2. SEPA makes no guarantee for the calculated doses or acceptance of the assessment with your application.
  3. Whilst all reasonable effort has been made to ensure that the data is up to date, complete and accurate for the intended purpose, no warranty is given by SEPA in this regard. SEPA will not be responsible of the information supplied is misinterpreted or misused by the User
  4. The Tool & Guidance note remain the intellectual property of the appropriate party.
  5. The User accepts all risks from using this tool. SEPA will not accept any claim of damage relating to use of the tool in respect to damage to property/individuals or impact on an application. Specific guidance on your application is available from your local SEPA inspector. SEPA inspectors will not provide any support to any assessments made using the tool.
Document Version Date published
Radiological Dose Assessment Tool v18 31 May 2017
Initial guidance document v1.0 31 May 2017