Service status

Since the 11 November 2021, our hydrology information systems have been impacted as an external supplier experienced an IT security issue.

In responding to this issue, we have prioritised the continued operation of our flood warning service. We are currently unable to display our rainfall data.

We hope to fully restore this service in the coming weeks and will provide updates on our progress service status web page.

A  sophisticated criminal cyber-attack has had a major impact on the way SEPA works. We are working through all the services that we provide to understand what we need to do in the short and longer term to restore services. We are approaching this work with a sense of urgency.

Service status update: Rainfall and river levels data

What are we able to do?

The river level web pages (SEPA Water Levels) are experiencing a delay in retrieving data from our hydrology information systems, and some sites are currently unavailable. 

The rainfall data web pages (Scottish Rainfall Data - provided by Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) are now available but experiencing the same issues as the river level webpages. 

We apologise for any inconvenience and are working to restore these services. 

We have launched a new service which allows users to access rainfall and river level data via API calls, guidance on this service and how to access it can be found at: https://timeseries.sepa.org.uk/

What should you do now?

Check weekly service status updates.

Rainfall monitoring

Rainfall monitoring provides valuable information that helps protect Scotland’s environment and the health and safety of its people.

Recording rainfall is crucial to a number of national services, including weather and flood forecasting.

It involves measuring and recording the amount of rainfall at a network of fixed points over a period of time.

In addition to informing us in our day-to-day work in protecting and maintaining our water environment, the information gathered by measuring rainfall over long periods helps us to form a better picture of what is happening to Scotland’s climate and to plan accordingly for the future.