River Basin Management Planning

Rbmp Banner ImageRiver basin management planning is about protecting and improving Scotland’s water environment in a way that balances costs and benefits to the environment, society and economy. The new edition of the Scotland river basin plan is now available.

Much of the water environment in Scotland is already in good condition. The water bodies and protected areas that are not in good condition are affected by impacts on their water quality, physical condition, water flows and levels, and accessibility for  fish migration, or by the impact of invasive non-native species on their aquatic plant and animal communities.

The river basin management plans for the Scotland and the cross-border Solway Tweed river basin districts, set out the measures required to address these impacts and meet the requirements of the European Water Framework Directive.

Latest news

The second river basin management plans are now published.

Together, the plans will provide a route map for how our water environment will be protected and improved over the next 12 years.

What are the river basin management plans?

We have a successful track record of protecting and improving the water environment via the actions to deliver RBMP that manage and reduce pressures.

River basin management plans are produced every six years. The plans are produced by SEPA on behalf of Scottish Government. They cover actions for all responsible authorities in Scotland. They summarise:

  • the state of the water environment;
  • pressures affecting the water environment where it is in less than good condition;
  • actions to protect and improve the water environment;
  • a summary of objectives or outcomes following implementation.

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