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Who is involved with RBMP

We work with a range of organisations and groups to develop and deliver plans to protect Scotland’s water environment.

As Scotland’s water environment is used by many different people for many different purposes, it’s important that stakeholders have an opportunity to influence, and are involved in, decision making.  

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River basin management  planning requires co-ordination and integration, only achievable by working in partnership with others. The challenge of meeting the targets set in the river basin plans is a shared goal for Scottish Government, SEPA, responsible authorities, voluntary groups and sector representatives.

  • Responsible authorities were identified by Scottish Ministers to work with SEPA to assist in development and implementation.
  • National Advisory Group – provide a strategic steer to the development, co-ordination and implementation of river basin planning across Scotland. The group also supports the AAGs.
  • Diffuse Pollution Management Advisory Group – is a partnership that focuses on improving Scotland's water environment by reducing rural diffuse pollution.
  • Fish and Fisheries Advisory Group – provide fisheries advice and information to protect fish populations and fisheries interests.
  • Area Advisory Groups -11 multi stakeholder advisory groups are in place to contribute to river basin management plan development and delivery with in their areas and contribute their local knowledge to the process.