River Basin Management Planning

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River basin management planning protects and improves Scotland’s water environment for the benefit of people, wildlife and the economy.

Much of the water environment in Scotland is in good condition. However, there are still significant problems affecting water quality, physical condition, water flows and levels, and the migration of wild fish. Invasive non-native species are also damaging aquatic plant and animal communities.

The river basin management plans for Scotland set out a range of actions to address these impacts. They are produced every six years by SEPA on behalf of Scottish Government. They cover actions for all responsible authorities in Scotland. They summarise:

  • the state of the water environment;
  • pressures affecting the quality of the water environment where it is in less than good condition;
  • actions to protect and improve the water environment;
  • a summary of outcomes following implementation.

Latest news

The consultations on how you can be involved in the development of the next set of river basin plans close on 22 December 2018.

The consultations are a requirement of the river basin process. They outline the milestones to the next iteration of river basin plans, our interaction methods with stakeholders and links to other plans and  policies. There are three simple questions to answer:

  • Are the steps clear?
  • What additional information would you like?
  • Do you have further feedback?

We are keen to make sure the consultation steps are fit for purpose and supported.

Please go to our Consultation Hubto view the consultations. We anticipate a response will take 30 minutes.

RBMP data

All of the information for river basin planning can be found in the Water environment hub. It provides information on each waterbody, pressures, measures and the objectives (targets) that we have set.

The latest classification data can be found at the Water classification hub. Please note that if a waterbody has changed classification it may not necessarily change an objective set in the RBMPs

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