About our BETA website

As part of our ongoing commitment to create accessible digital services, we are undergoing a phased refresh of our corporate website and wider web estate. This will aim to provide a fully accessible website for users which will be easier to navigate and understand.

You can expect to see some changes in the coming months, with the first phase of our BETA service launching in December 2023. This will introduce our new look and feel, as well as bringing key information from our wider digital estate into one place. The legacy SEPA website will remain live until all area have moved to the BETA service.

User feedback has been at the heart of this work, and we encourage all users to share their feedback with us to help shape future phases of work. You can easily share your feedback anonymously.

You will be presented with a "feedback" link on each of the BETA pages you land on which will bring you back here, allowing you to share your feedback whenever needed.

Areas that have been included in this phase: