July 2022 Update

Since 14 June, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has received a high volume of calls regarding flies in the Bargeddie area. The majority of these calls report the nearby Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) operated by Viridor at Langmuir Way, to be the source. 

SEPA officers  completed several site visits over the last month, the most recent on 11 July 2022.  Flies were observed within the enclosed treatment building, which is to be expected given the nature of the material and the activity involved.  However, the numbers of flies was not at a level where immediate action is required. Officers observed evidence of fly treatment, a requirement of the Waste Management Licence Viridor hold.  Inspection of the outdoor areas around the site buildings, didn’t identify an issue with flies. 

SEPA has advised Viridor that public complaints are being received and requested that they continue to actively manage fly populations and consider all possible options to further improve the control of flies on the site. Based on inspections of the site to date, SEPA consider the operator to be compliant with their waste management licence conditions.

Officers also investigated other potential sources of flies in the wider area of Kirkwood and Crawhill Drive as naturally increased insect populations are common across Scotland during the summer months.  Officers noted there are other potential sources of flies in the wider vicinity but none of the areas inspected, including nearby water features, local bins, and agricultural fields, were found to definitively account for the numbers of flies experienced by residents. 

We will continue our investigations, looking at the wider catchment and consider other factors such as:  waste activities outwith the licenced treatment facility, including the condition/frequency of waste streams arriving at site and assessing the ongoing condition of local burns/water features/fields.  This work will involve a level of liaison with local authorities, other businesses in the area. 

We fully acknowledge the strong feeling and impact this is having on the community particularly through the summer months. Please continue to report any further concerns regarding this matter via our 24-hour Pollution Event hotline (0800 80 70 60) or our on-line form: Report Environmental Events to SEPA.

Waste Management Licence

The operator has a waste management licence to operate (reference: WML/L/1028820) in accordance with The Waste Management Licensing (Scotland) Regulations 2011 (as amended).  The site accepts residual waste (i.e. the contents of domestic black bins) from a consortium of five local authorities. The waste is separated in order to recover or recycle as much as possible, the remaining waste will then leave the site for onward recovery.

The licence has a requirement stating Viridor must ‘minimise the presence of insects, birds and vermin’, and SEPA as the environmental regulator must ensure that all reasonable steps are being taken to comply with this. 

To meet their licence requirements, Viridor have a rolling programme of fly treatment.

Can SEPA provide feedback in investigations into pollution reports?

We will provide updates via this page when new information becomes available, however, we must be careful not to provide unsubstantiated details or prejudice any enforcement action we may take.

Due to the number of reports received, we will not be able to provide an individual response to each pollution report.