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Construction Scotland Innovation Centre SGA

Through this Sustainable Growth Agreement, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) and SEPA agree to work collaboratively to empower and champion innovative construction industry solutions that help equip the sector with the tools to confront and address the challenges of a changing climate and build environmental considerations into the heart of the construction sector decision-making culture.

We recognise our mutual aims to achieve a built environment that is more resilient and sustainable, creating thriving places for people to live and work - places that are living and breathing examples of inclusive growth.

We want to support the construction sector to:

  1. build sustainable business practices and achieve a circular economy throughout the construction and operational lifecycle and supply chain.
  2. identify innovative opportunities to go beyond compliance with benefit for business, communities and the environment.
  3. achieve net zero carbon in the built environment and help build sustainable and climate resilient places.

For the full details of this Sustainable Growth Agreement, please see the below PDF document or read more in theĀ media release.

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