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Tennent Caledonian Sustainable Growth Agreement

The Sustainable Growth Agreement (SGA) between SEPA and Tennent Caledonian supports one of Scotland’s oldest businesses as it builds a modern, sustainable home for its brand at its Wellpark site in the heart of Glasgow.

It explores how Tennent Caledonian can lead the way in collaborating across its value chain (customers and suppliers) and encourage the Scottish drinks industry into a more sustainable space through new ways of working.

Tennent Caledonian, with SEPA’s support, will work on two main areas:

1.Tennent Caledonian will continue drive sustainability at its iconic Wellpark Brewery, in its value chain and across the Scottish drinks industry.

Tennent Caledonian and SEPA’s shared knowledge and experience will support the achievement of current targets to reduce water usage and CO2 emissions as well as going plastic free. SEPA will support Tennent Caledonian to fully understand its environmental footprint across the plant, value chain, distribution networks and materials use, to help identify other areas of sustainability that Tennent Caledonian might focus on.

2. Tennent Caledonian will utilise the power of its iconic heritage and brands to engage and inspire consumers across Scotland on sustainability.

With SEPA’s support, Tennent Caledonian will develop customer engagement with an emphasis on building positive relationships, providing education and guidance, endorse conversation about climate change and environmental challenges and help drive positive change. Both parties will also explore opportunities and networks which consider the factors that influence people to think about their carbon footprint and adapt their behaviour to reduce it.

For the full details of this Sustainable Growth Agreement, please see the below PDF document or read more in the media release.


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