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Communications Hub

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The LIFE SMART Waste project's Communications Hub ('Hub') is a platform that allows online communities of interest to identify and develop prevention and intervention responses to waste crime in a secure, virtual environment that transcends traditional boundaries and borders.

The Hub is designed to allow participants throughout Europe to collaboratively build and develop an in-depth understanding of the waste industry, its markets and waste flows for challenging waste streams. This will enable participating enforcement agencies, with varied remits, to share and evaluate information and so identify areas of vulnerability which could be subject to criminal activities.

Hub participants are free to engage in open debate via the Hub and will be encouraged to act as a single analytical team contributing to the production of strategic waste crime information products.

Key features

To promote the desired levels of collaboration, the Hub will provide an online toolkit and such useful features as:

  • instant messaging
  • e-workshop facilities / screen sharing within meetings
  • web-conferencing functions / audio-video conferencing
  • community wiki's