Special waste advisory notes

These notes give clarify the procedures for consigning special (hazardous) wastes and also, for certain types of waste, their potential hazardous properties and how they are classified in the EWC. 

Their main purpose is to:


Reference Guidance
SWAN/01 Fluorescent tubes / gas discharge lamps PDF icon small (30k)
SWAN/02 Waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE) PDF icon small (52k)
SWAN/03 Mineral fibres (other than asbestos) PDF icon small (35k)
SWAN/06 Adhesives and sealants PDF icon small (40k)


Movements within the same site PDF icon small (20k)
SWAN/08 Landed ships' waste PDF icon small (25k)
SWAN/09 Intra group movements PDF icon small (20K)
SWAN/10 Island movements PDF icon small (25k)
SWAN/11 Extended carrier's rounds PDF icon small (35k)
SWAN/12 Asbestos contaminated waste PDF icon small (30k)
SWAN/13 Cancelled and unused consignment notes PDF icon small (23k)
SWAN/14 Successions PDF icon small (29k)