Exempt activities

Service status

A sophisticated criminal cyber-attack has had a major impact on the way SEPA works. We are working through all the services that we provide to understand what we need to do in the short and longer term to restore services. We are approaching this work with a sense of urgency.

Visit our Waste data page for full the weekly data return service status updates. 

Exempt activites

SEPA gathers data annually on the type, quantity and geographical origin of the waste handled from operators of the following ‘complex’ exempt activities:

  • Paragraphs 7, 8(2), 10, 46 and 50.
  • Paragraphs 9 and 19 where the volume of waste used exceeds 2,500 cubic metres
  • Paragraph 12 where the volume of waste used exceeds 10 tonnes per year.

Operators are asked to submit their data returns using the standard exempt activity return form:

Further guidance on the coding of waste is available:

Exemptions data are used in the waste from all sources report which is available on our Waste data page.