Exempt activities

SEPA gathers data annually on the type, quantity and geographical origin of the waste handled from operators of the following ‘complex’ exempt activities:

  • Paragraphs 7, 8(2), 10, 46 and 50.
  • Paragraphs 9 and 19 where the volume of waste used exceeds 2,500 cubic metres
  • Paragraph 12 where the volume of waste used exceeds 10 tonnes per year.

Operators are asked to submit their data returns using the standard exempt activity return form:

Further guidance on the coding of waste is available:

Completed forms should be emailed to waste.data@sepa.org.uk 

If you need to contact SEPA regarding the submission of your return form please either email waste.data@sepa.org.uk or call 01786 457700 and ask to speak with a member of the Dataflows Unit.

Exemptions data are used in the waste from all sources report which is available on our Waste data page.