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What do Flood Risk Management Strategies mean for me?

Flood Risk Management Strategies have been developed to reduce the devastating and costly impact of flooding. Whether you live in an area of flood risk, travel through roads that may flood or use communities facilities that could be affected, the strategies have been developed to help you.

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Flood risk management in Scotland

Flood Risk Management Strategies are part of the approach implemented by the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009. It considers whole catchments and takes risk-based decisions on how to take action. For the first time in Scotland, co-ordinated national plans are bringing together the organisations at the forefront of flood risk management and setting a framework for how flooding will be managed.

Including organisations and members of the public with an interest in flood risk management has been central to developing the framework for tackling flooding. A digest of responses to the consultation on the draft Flood Risk Management Strategies is available to explain how we considered your views in shaping the final strategies.

Across the strategies there are 42 prioritised flood protection schemes or engineering works. The schemes will contribute to reducing flood risk within a number of communities. The development and delivery of the proposed flood protection schemes are however dependent on receipt of funding and resources available. We have collated the list of prioritised flood protection schemes into one document for ease of viewing.

For more interesting facts and figures from the strategies take a look at our infographic.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

A Strategic Environmental Assessment was carried out as part of the preparation of the Flood Risk Management Strategies. The assessment identifies the significant environmental effects of the Flood Risk Management Strategies and is a requirement of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005. Our assessment was published in an Environment Report and we consulted the public on our findings. We have published a post adoption statement, which describes how we have taken account of the environmental assessment and the consultation responses, and how we will monitor any significant environmental effects of the Flood Risk Management Strategies.