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Waste carriers and brokers

Waste carriers and brokers

If you transport waste or arrange to have it transported as part of your business, you must register with us, even if you only deal with it once in a while. If you don’t, you could face a fine of up to £5,000.

If you transport the waste yourself you must register as a waste carrier.

If you arrange to have it carried you must register as a waste broker.

If you'll be transporting waste between Scotland, England and Wales, you only need to register with one Agency.

For transport to and from Northern Ireland, you need to register with us and also register with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

Register or renew your existing registration

Register or renew online.

Applications can also be made by downloading a form and submitting this by email to SEPA. This method of application takes longer.

Please note that if you're an NHS hospital board you must use the downloadable form.

Registration required


Carrier or broker (new registration)


Combined carrier or broker (new registration)


Carrier or broker (renewal)


Combined carrier and broker (renewal)


Register or renew online.

After you register

If you use our online application system to apply, you'll automatically receive your registration by email. If you apply using the downloadable form, you'll receive a pdf of your certificate of registration by return email within 60 days.

Your answers and registration will be added to the public register.

A list of all registered carriers and brokers is available on our Registered waste carriers and brokers webpage. Contact us if you can’t find the registration you are looking for.

(Please note, we're currently unable to access some waste carrier and broker documentation on our public register and may not be able to provide any documentation regarding authorised sites or ongoing applications).

Your registration will be valid for three years, after which you can renew it for a reduced fee.