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Register a simple exempt waste activity

Our online application service for registering waste exemptions is now available.


The table of activities you can register through this service is below.

To register your exemption, you'll need the following information:

  • the name and address of the legal entity registering the exemption; and
  • where the activity will take place.

If you have this information it should take no longer than five minutes to complete your application.

You must submit a separate application for each location.

There's no fee for this application.


It's quicker to register online. If you can't do this or need help to do this, please contact us.

If you want to communicate with use through sign language, the Contact Scotland BSL service will give you access to an online interpreter.

Activities you can register

You can apply to register the following exempt waste activities using this online service.

Paragraph Activity
1 Use of waste glass under appropriate authorisation

Operation of a scrap metal furnace under authorisation


Burning specified waste as a fuel under authorisation


Cleaning, washing, spraying or coating of waste packaging


Burning waste as a fuel in an authorised appliance, recovery of fuel from waste vegetable oils

6 Burning waste oil as a fuel in an engine

Storage of sewage sludge


Baling, sorting, shredding etc. of specified wastes

13 Manufacture of specified products from specified wastes
14 Manufacture, repair or refurbishment of finished goods from specified wastes
15 Beneficial use of waste
16 Screening of specific wastes
17 Storage of specified waste in a secure place
18 Storage of specified waste in a secure container
20 Laundering waste textiles
21 Chipping, shredding, cutting or pulverising waste plant matter
22 Recovery of silver from photographic wastes
24 Crushing, grinding or size reduction of waste bricks, tiles or concrete under authorisation
25 Deposit of dredging wastes
26 Recovery/disposal of waste at the place of production as an integral part of the production process
28 Use of autoclaves to sterilise waste
29 Disposal of waste at the place of production by burning in an incinerator
30 Burning plant tissue waste on land in the open
31 Discharge of waste onto the track of a railway
32 Burial of waste from sanitary conveniences
33 Wastes arising from peatworking
34 Keeping or deposit of spent ballast
35 Deposit of waste from an excavation for mineral exploration
36 Temporary storage of specified waste at a harbour
38 Deposit or storage of samples of waste
39 Secure storage of specified wastes at a pharmacy, medical, nursing, vet or needle exchange facility
43 Crushing of waste gas discharge lamps
44 Heating metals in furnaces to remove grease, oil or any other non-metallic contaminant
48 Storage of specified WEEE at a secure place

You'll have to use a different form to register other exempt activities.

The conditions of each registration can be found in our guidance page.

After you register

Within 24 hours, you'll be sent an email confirming that the details of your exemption.