SEPA guidance

We have developed a number of pieces of guidance aimed at assisting operators understand the operation of the PPC regime in Scotland. These are being revised to reflect changes brought in by the Industrial Emission Directive.

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PART A installations

BS 4142: Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound' was
published by the British Standards Institute at the end of October 2014.
Upon issue, BS 4142: 2014 superseded the 1997 version (which is withdrawn).
Following completion of a 6-month transitional window where SEPA agreed to
consider acoustic reports which commenced under the old standard (on a case by
case basis) - SEPA now expect reports, referencing BS 4142, to follow the
current standard. Acousticians and Operators are encouraged to familiarise
themselves with the new standard.


A series of documents designed to guide industry through monitoring:

PART B installations

The guide provides information on how the PPC regime will operate for Part B in Scotland, including:

  • How to find out if you fall under the PPC Regulations;
  • How to make an application;
  • How to vary a permit under PPC;
  • How your applications will be treated; and
  • What various terms within the regulations actually mean

Associated with this guide are a number of supplementary guidance notes covering certain aspects of PPC in more detail. These are:

Additional guidance

UK technical guidance

Best available techniques

Application forms