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DBPAG and forum

SEPA, the Ministry of Defence (MoD), Food Standards Agency (FSA), Public Health England (PHE), Scottish Government and Fife Council have observer status on the Group, which permits them to provide information to members during meetings and inform DBPAG of their current work. Membership will be reviewed periodically to ensure that the group has a sufficient diversity of skills to address the issues raised.


The current remit of DBPAG is:

  • To provide impartial scientific advice to SEPA and other parties on actions which are needed to ensure that the public and environment is adequately protected.
  • To comment on the work being undertaken and the results being obtained.

The work programme includes:

  • Understanding of the extent of the contamination.
  • Identification of the key parameters needed to assess the environmental and health impact of the contamination.
  • Evaluation of the ability of monitoring programmes to identify particles in the intertidal and terrestrial environments.
  • Advice on the continuing need for restrictions.

The group is also able to provide a resource of expert advice which SEPA can utilise to assist it in fulfilling its responsibilities with regard to the protection of the environment under the Environmental Authorisations (Scotland) Regulations 2018, the Environment Act 1995, and Radioactive Contaminated Land Regulations 2007. The existence of the group in conjunction with other relevant groups provides reassurance to the public, the Scottish Government and other stakeholders that the issue of
contamination of the environment by radium contamination is being independently and rigorously assessed by the appropriate agencies.


Dalgety Bay Particles Advisory Group meets for first time  20 Dec 2011 PDF icon small (65kb)
Dalgety Bay Particles Advisory Group second meeting 3 Feb 2012 PDF icon small (67kb)
Dalgety Bay Particles Advisory Group fourth meeting 17 July 2012 PDF icon small (35 kb)


Minutes of DBPAG meetingsDateFormat/Size
Minutes - meeting 1 20 Dec 2011 PDF icon small (167kb)
Minutes - meeting 2 3 Feb 2012 PDF icon small (192kb)
Minutes - meeting 3 9 May 2012 PDF icon small (156kb)
Minutes - meeting 4 17 July 2012 PDF icon small (175kb)

Dalgety Bay Forum

The Dalgety Bay Forum was set up in 2005 to provide a forum for communication between the various public agencies responsible for dealing with the radioactive contamination at Dalgety Bay and its health effects and the local community.

Members of the Forum include:

  • SEPA
  • Scottish Government
  • Fife Council
  • Food Standards Agency
  • Public Health England
  • NHS Fife
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Moray Estates
  • Dalgety Bay and Hillend Community Council
  • Dalgety Bay Sailing Club

It was agreed by members that the Dalgety Bay Forum be put into abeyance from December 2014 as it was felt that the various other stakeholder groups (of which the members of the forum partake) would meet to take matters forward.

Minutes of Dalgety Bay Forum meetings Format/Size
15 December 2014 PDF icon small (288kb)
30 January 2014 PDF icon small (342kb)
30 May 2013 PDF icon small (63kb) 
11 March 2013 PDF icon small (105kb)
5 December 2012 PDF icon small (115kb)
10 September 2012 PDF icon small (120kb)
11 June 2012 PDF icon small (60kb)
27 March 2012 PDF icon small (150kb)
22 November 2011 PDF icon small (142kb)