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Webinar: 'Pro-active financial investigation in tackling waste crime'

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23 May 2017

The LIFE SMART Waste project will be delivering a webinar on 'Pro-active financial Investigation in tackling waste crime' on 12 June 2017 as part of the DOTCOM Waste webinar series. [***Please note that this is a revised date for the webinar***]

In this webinar, George Hope (SEPA) will consider how environmental authorities or regulators could go beyond their usual remit to apply a proactive approach to financial investigation. The webinar describes a pilot tool developed by the LIFE SMART Waste project that assesses a range of financial indicators for regulated sites - including sources of finance, levels of gearing, variances in costs and income, etc. - and how regulators could use this insight to identify potential or likely future offending.

The webinar is one of a series of webinars presented by experts from around the world on behalf of the DOTCOM Waste project during May 2017 covering the following topics:

  • Using Remote Sensing Technologies When Fighting Illegal Waste Crime
  • Intelligence in Fighting Waste Crime: Use of Open and Closed Sources
  • Pro-active Financial Investigation in Tackling Waste Crime
  • Collaboration on Illegal Waste Crime: National and International Joint Investigations

The DOTCOM Waste webinar series is designed to provide up-to-date information and training best practices to help those involved directly in the fight against waste crime

For more information, and details of how to register, visit the DOTCOM Waste project web site.


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