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Horizon scanning tool workshop, Glasgow

LSW B4 Horizon scanning workshop_700x200

27 April 2017

On behalf of the LIFE SMART Waste project, Cranfield University facilitated a workshop of expert stakeholders in Glasgow on 26 April 2017 to explore how horizon scanning and predictive analysis could help to tackle waste crime.

The workshop forms part of project Action B4 which aims to develop innovative emerging threats (horizon scanning) and predictive analysis tools that environmental authorities can use in the waste industry and associated markets to identify where waste criminals might target their efforts in the future.

The workshop brought together three key stakeholder groups - environmental regulators, investigators and practitioners, and intelligence analysts - to consider a range of top level design characteristics that would help define the scope and inform the development of a suitable horizon scanning tool.

A follow-up workshop is planned for July 2017 to test a draft of the toolkit.


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