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Intervention Design Manual published

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02 October 2017

The LIFE SMART Waste project has published an innovative Intervention Design Manual to give environmental authorities and others a framework for choosing and designing waste crime interventions and making partnership agreements.

The Intervention Design Manual for waste crime was prepared by Cambrensis with input from the SEPA project team, Natural Resources Wales and a range of external stakeholders.

The development of the manual was preceded by a literature review which examined methods for characterizing the targets of interventions to address environmental non-compliance and/or environmental harm, and the framework in which the targets are acting. The review also considered information on interventions and decision-making tools that could be used to support the choice of appropriate interventions, according to circumstances.

The recently-enhanced Intervention Design Manual is a practical guide to designing interventions for dealing with waste crime. It sets out a method to plan, test and evaluate the use of interventions and is supported by Mini Guides that provide additional information for:

The aim is that this versatile, modular manual will be suitable for use and adaptation by any environment authority, subject to legislative and organisational variations between countries.

The Intervention Design Manual is currently being used to select and design the LIFE SMART Waste project’s interventions, and to establish supporting partnership agreements.

If you have any queries relating to the Intervention Design Manual, please contact the LIFE SMART Waste project team.


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