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Charging schemes

You will find in these pages' information on SEPA's Charging Schemes and our fees and the UK Charging Schemes administered by SEPA in Scotland.

Information on current or past Charging Scheme consultations can be found on the SEPA Consultation Hub.

Payments and invoicing enquiries

Information for enquires on the annual and weekly invoices we issue, payment of application fees, subsistence fees, and outstanding invoices.

Please ensure whenever you make any payment to SEPA you use the invoice reference, permit or account number to reference the BACs payment (otherwise we may not be able to allocate the payment correctly).

We can accept BACs or online card payments

Our bank details are on the invoice if you are making payment for an application you may wish to contact us by email .

If you have any queries associated with recent statements or invoices email or you can telephone us on 01698 507787.

If you have a query or wish to apply for a temporary cessation, please see the application forms webpage (bottom of the page) or contact