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Charging schemes

The majority of our charging schemes for environmental licences are to recover the costs of carrying out our regulatory functions are made under powers given in the Environment Act 1995.

The prices for all our charging schemes are updated annually in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI) and a summary of the fees and charges for current and previous years can be found in our summary charging booklets.

Fees and charges due may be included in the regulations, in which case we do not need to implement a separate charging scheme. Typically this happens in UK-wide legislation which involves cross-border activities, or where the timetable for implementation of regulations precludes the development of a SEPA charging scheme. Fees and charges can be superseded by new fees by either the amending of the original regulations or by a new charging scheme. Such changes would be subject to further public consultation and ministerial approval.

In the event that prices have to increase by more than the RPI, or a scheme requires other changes, a public consultation is held. This consultation brings any changes to the attention of anyone likely to be affected by them. All changes which have been the subject of consultation have to be approved by the Scottish minister before we can implement them.