Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Charging schemes

Coronavirus guidance for SEPA’s customer and account holders

Want to Start Paying now to Spread the Costs?

To spread the payment further than the normal 30 days, please contact us via .  We will send you the necessary forms, you can do this before you get an invoice.

Please provide your account and/or permit number so we can ensure it is matched correctly, and a current contact telephone number.

Currently SEPA offices are closed, the only way to contact us is via the email or on 01698 839 029.

Changes to Ownership / Status of Site

Our invoices are based on the most current information held on SEPA records. Please contact SEPA to discuss any changes to site ownership or operations, via email at

Changes to Contact Details

We appreciate that many businesses are not currently contactable by post. If you normally receive your invoice by post, please contact us on providing your account and/or permit number, and a current contact telephone number.

Paying any SEPA Invoices / Application Fees

As SEPA offices closed all payments will have to be made by BACS or online payment.

All payments need a clear reference so we can confirm who has paid for what.

When paying by BACS or online at, please ensure all payments - particularly BACS payments - clearly reference your invoice or account or permit number. Failure to do so will cause significant delay.

If the payment is for an application please show clearly in the application the reference you used and the amount.


The prices for all our charging schemes are updated annually in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI) and a summary of the fees and charges for current and previous years can be found in our summary charging booklets.

Fees and charges due may be included in the regulations, in which case we do not need to implement a separate charging scheme. Typically this happens in UK-wide legislation which involves cross-border activities, or where the timetable for implementation of regulations precludes the development of a SEPA charging scheme. Fees and charges can be superseded by new fees by either the amending of the original regulations or by a new charging scheme. Such changes would be subject to further public consultation and ministerial approval.

In the event that prices have to increase by more than the RPI, or a scheme requires other changes, a public consultation is held. This consultation brings any changes to the attention of anyone likely to be affected by them. All changes which have been the subject of consultation have to be approved by the Scottish minister before we can implement them.