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Environmental Regulation (Scotland) Charging Scheme 2016


SEPA charges are updated in line with inflation. Fees for 2017-2018 can be found in this table of new fees; this documents supersedes the table contained within the Schedule to the Environmental Regulation (Scotland) Charging Scheme 2016 (below) which cannot be edited for legal reasons. The 2017-2018 charges are calculated by taking the original charges under the 2016 Scheme and adding RPI at a rate of 2%.

  • Application charges: If you are applying for one activity you can get the application charge from the 2017-2018 new fees table. For more complex applications the Application charge calculator can be used. This tool will allow you to search for the correct application charge for a regulated site. If you have more than one activity on the site then the tool will apply the discounts.  You can also use this tool to search for activity component charges.
  • Guidance: this explains how the scheme works.
  • Environmental Assessment Scheme: provides guidance on calculating environmental scores which are used to calculate part of the charge for the largest authorisations. 
  • Table of environmental scores: for all authorisations with an environmental component charge are available as a table.
  • Environmental Regulation (Scotland) Charging Scheme 2016Please note the charges contained in the 2016 Scheme are only correct for the year it was issued since subsequent years may have RPI charges applied. For the current year’s charges see the new fees new fees table which has RPI applied.
  • Frequently asked questions: further information on the new scheme.

The Environmental Regulation (Scotland) Charging Scheme 2016 has replaced five previous schemes with a single risk-based scheme. These changes stem from our effort to improve environmental regulation, link our effort and charges to environmental risk and so help Scotland develop in a sustainable way. The following five schemes have been replaced:

    1. waste management;
    2. waste exemptions;
    3. pollution prevention and control;
    4. the holding/disposal of radioactive substances (Band B and C);
    5. water activities including abstraction, discharge, impoundment and engineering.

Information about development of the new scheme is available on our Charging Scheme Development web page.

We are continually improving our guidance in response to customer feedback. Version 5 was published on 18 October 2016, previous versions of the guidance are available on request from

Other current charging schemes

The fees to be charged  in 2017/18 under these other schemes  have been held at the same level as 2015/16 fees.

Previous charging schemes

The following legal schemes were replaced on 1 April 2016 by our current schemes.

Previous charging scheme booklet