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Transfer an authorisation

Transfer of an authorisation

It is important that SEPA’s authorisations are kept up to date and therefore accurately reflect   those who are responsible for securing compliance with the authorisation. The transfer process enables the whole or part of an authorisations to be transferred to another person.

The transfer of an authorisation (in whole or in part) for all regimes except authorisations issued under the Environmental Authorisation (Scotland) Regulations for non-nuclear activities, are categorised into one of two types:

  • Administrative Transfer
  • Assessed Transfer

There are no application charges for administrative transfers, but fixed fees do apply to the other transfer types. If there are multiple transfers (at one time) to the same person, then the charge will be reduced.

The transfer of authorisation (in whole or in part) issued under the Environmental Authorisation (Scotland) Regulations for non-nuclear activities are subject to a fixed fee.

Full guidance about each type of transfer can be viewed within Section 3.6 of the charging scheme guidance document here.

Application forms for transfers can be found here.


The table below gives a summary of these types and the level of application charges* that will apply:



Variation Application Charge*

(% of the application charge for new activity)



An administrative transfer applies when the transfer of the authorisation to another person does

not require SEPA to undertake any assessment of the competence of the person to whom the

authorisation is transferred.


This applies to all water activity authorisations issued under ‘The Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2011’ more commonly referred to as the Controlled Activity Regulations (CAR)



An Assessed Transfer charge applies where a transfer requires an assessment of the competence of the new operator.


This applies to transfers of all Waste

Management Licences and PPC Permits for specified waste management activities.

Fixed fee*


Application for the transfer of a non-nuclear registration / permit under EA Regulations

All transfers of non-nuclear registrations or permits issued under the Environmental Authorisation (Scotland) regulations fall into this category.

Fixed fee*



*  please always check the latest situation regarding charges here: Charging schemes and summary charging booklets

If you have any queries about the transfer process or the application charge which should apply please contact ( or or for advice.