PPC Part B activities

If you intend applying for a Part B permit or hold a permit already, this section will guide you through your obligations.

Part B activities are those listed under Part B within Schedule 1 of the Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2012 (PPC2012).

These are generally smaller industrial activities and operators of Part B activities require a PPC permit in order to be able to undertake their activity. Permits issued to Part B operators permit discharges to air only.

Before you make any application – whether for a new permit, variation, transfer or surrender – you should:

  • check that you are required to make an application and understand the requirements of the legislation;
  • read through the relevant application form(s) and its associated technical guidance documents.

In partnership with the Scottish Government, we have produced comprehensive guidance which explains the regulations and the obligations of operators of Part B activities in depth.

How do I make a new application?

Before making any application for a Part B PPC permit, it is strongly recommended that you contact us to discuss your application. These discussions will help inform you about the permitting process, the types of information you will have to provide and the types of controls that will be included in your permit.

You must ensure you have a permit before your activity commences and comply with all the requirements of PPC 2012 when your permit is issued.

If you intend to submit an application for a permit for an activity described in Schedule 1, you must complete the relevant application forms for a permit.

Applications should be completed in conjunction with reference to our guidance to the application procedure.

New applications are subject to charges, as defined by activity in the Pollution Prevention and Control (Parts A and B) Fees and Charges (Scotland) Scheme.

How do I vary, transfer or surrender an existing permit?

To vary, transfer or surrender a permit, please complete the relevant application forms found on our webpage:

These forms should be completed with reference to our guidance on the variation and transfer of Part B permits and the meaning of substantial change and triviality for PPC Part B activities .

Once completed, please return your form to the registrar at the appropriate area office, as stated on the application form, along with the relevant fee .

How long does it take to process an application?

The regulations set down statutory periods following receipt of an application, within which we will normally reach a decision:

  • New permit applications – four months.
  • An application for a variation – four months if consultation is undertaken under the terms of the regulations and three months in other cases.
  • An application for a transfer – two months.
  • An application for surrender – three months.

Permit reviews

A periodic review of your permit will take place and any new conditions will be based on conditions including relevant technical guidance and general principles of BAT described in schedule 3 of the PPC 2012 regulations.

We will contact permit holders before any review takes place.

The Public Participation Directive (PPD)

The Public Participation Directive (PPD) allows members of the public to become involved in the permitting process regulated by PPC 2012.

Consultation with the public can affect the way in which we determine and issue applications for permits and how we regulate some business activities. It is an important aspect for consideration when applying for or renewing a permit.

The PPD page of our website gives more details about the process and what operators should be aware of.

Guidance and application forms

Further relevant information on Part B of PPC 2012 is available within our guidance and application forms page.

Contact us

For more information about any aspect of Part B of PPC 2012, please contact us.