Screening Modelling and Risk Identification Reports

In 2019 SEPA introduced a new regulatory framework for finfish aquaculture to strengthen protection of the marine environment.

The SEPA website sets out the processes which operators follow to obtain a permit to operate a finfish farm.  Before an application is made, an operator should provide an outline of the proposed farm. SEPA will then prepare a Screening Modelling and Risk Identification Report which assesses the suitability of the proposed site with respect to: dispersal of waste, the potential influence on sensitive features and level of modelling required to address any identified risks.  This information will be used by the operator in preparing an application and will help inform early engagement with the community and other stakeholders. 

Reports take into account other licenced farms as well as active pre-application proposals within the proposed area, as appropriate. The reports do not contain a decision as to whether an application (if received) will be granted and information within the reports will be superseded by information provided by the applicant as the application progresses.

Applications which are informed, by Screening Modelling and Risk Identification Reports will include more detailed information allowing full assessment of the risks of any application as part of the CAR determination. 

This page provides access to screening modelling and risk assessment reports prepared over the last 12 months where the application (if received) has not yet been determined. Some of the proposals will continue to application, others may be amended, and in some instances operators will decide not to proceed to the application stage.

It is not possible for SEPA to take any comments relating to these reports at this stage. SEPA will consult on proposals, where appropriate, once a full application has been received.

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Active Screening Modelling and Risk Identification Reports


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