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PPC application forms

On these pages you will find all the application forms you need to apply, vary, transfer and surrender permits which authorise the activities listed in Schedules 1 and 2 of the Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulation 2012.

There are two broad categories of PPC permits:

Details of the application fees can be found on SEPAs charging scheme pages. In addition, SEPAs charging scheme calculator is available.

If you are unsure whether an activity you undertake is regulated under the PPC Regulations, please contact

PPC Part A activities

We recommend you submit a completed pre-application information form so we can discuss your proposal before you make an application.

When you submit an application form please ensure that it is fully completed and you have included the correct fee.

Statutory determination times for PPC Part A applications:

  • New application – 4 months to draft determination
  • Substantial variation – 4 months to draft determination
  • Administrative or Standard variation – 3 months
  • Transfer (full or partial) – 2 months
  • Surrender (full or partial) – 3 months

Applicants should refer to SEPAs general guidance for PPC Part A applicants, as well as our PPC guidance pages and the European BAT reference documents.


Please see the Landfill technical guidance for further information.

For any queries on landfill applications, please contact

Intensive agriculture

In addition to the above guidance refer to the standard farming rules for further information.

All other PPC Part A activities (except landfill and intensive agriculture)

For any queries on PPC Part A applications, please contact

If you have any feedback regarding the information provided on this page, contact

PPC Part B & Schedule 2

Statutory determination times for PPC Part B applications:

  • New application – 4 months
  • Substantial variation – 4 months
  • Administrative or standard variation – 3 months
  • Transfer (full or partial) – 2 months
  • Surrender (full or partial) – 3 months

Petrol Vapour Recovery (PVR)

Applies to all activities undertaking the unloading of petrol from mobile containers, such as road tankers, into stationary storage tanks at a service station (Stage I), and the refuelling of motor vehicles at service stations (Stage II).

Please see the petrol station guidance page for further information.

Dry cleaning

Applies to the cleaning of clothes and other textiles using a solvent – perchloroethylene (perc), siloxane or hydrocarbon solvents (HCS) – instead of water. It is mandatory to hold a PPC licence to operate any dry cleaning activity.

Please see the dry cleaning guidance page for further information

Solvent emissions

Applies to all solvent emission activities falling within the scope of PPC Schedule 1 Part B and Schedule 2.

Medium Combustion Plant (MCP)

Applies to all medium combustion plants with a net rated thermal input of 1-20 megawatts (MW).

Please see the medium combustion plant guidance page for more information.

All other PPC Part B activities (except PVR, dry cleaning, solvent emissions, MCP)

Please see the PPC guidance page and the process guidance note page for further information.