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Dalgety Bay reports

Radioactive items have been detected on Dalgety Bay since at least 1990. Many surveys have been undertaken on the beach to determine the potential numbers of items present and possible implications for public health. SEPA has undertaken two recent monitoring and assessment exercises at Dalgety Bay and these are reported below.

Strategy for stakeholder engagement PDF icon small 25 kb
DIO outline management options appraisal - final report PDF icon small 2.57mb

Dalgety Bay appropriate person summary PDF icon small 11.2kb

Dalgety Bay appropriate person report PDF icon small 3.5mb

Radiological habits survey: Dalgety Bay, 2012 PDF icon small 3.19mb
Dalgety Bay radioactive contaminated land risk assessment PDF icon small 2.48mb

Dalgety Bay final factual investigation report

Dalgety Bay coastal processes review

Historic aerial photography interpretation for assisting regulatory enforcement PDF icon small 15 mb

Dalgety Bay 2012 dose assessment report PDF icon small 956kb

Ground penetrating radar report March 2012 PDF icon small 12.89mb
Dalgety Bay particle composition PDF icon small 2.4mb
Dalgety Bay investigation plan PDF icon small 492kb
Dalgety Bay headland investigation PDF icon small 3.6mb
Dalgety Bay assessment PDF icon small 2.7mb
Dalgety Bay skin hazard assessment PDF icon small 2.1mb

Response to Defence Estates’ action plan PDF icon small 146kb

Skin dose from Ra-226 contamination: Dose estimation & comments PDF icon small 522kb
Dalgety Bay radium contamination PDF icon small (20mb) Preliminary assessment produced by Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) Environmental and Organisational Strategy Directorate
Dalgety Bay risk assessment report PDF icon small (2.78mb) Probabilistic and Hazard Assessment: A Screening Assessment of Radium Contamination
Probability assessment methodology - Appendix C PDF icon small(148kb) Probabilistic and Hazard Assessment: A Screening Assessment of Radium Contamination. This report presents the results and methodology used to assess the risk posed by an area of land in Fife that is contaminated with radium, thought to have been generated by previous Ministry of Defence activities in the years preceding WWII.
Dalgety Bay monitoring removal report - April 2006 PDF icon small (5.3mb) Information about the distribution of radioactive particles across the foreshore and in the exposed cliff face believed to be the contamination source. This report contains the results of radiation surveys undertaken at Dalgety Bay in Fife during March 2006.
Dalgety Bay monitoring report - March 2005 PDF icon small (435kb) Radiological survey of beach and foreshore for contamination of Radium 226.

Dalgety Bay Risk Assessment Group

Dalgety Bay Risk Assessment Group
Dalgety Bay Risk Assessment Group meeting PDF icon small (1.7mb)